The Art of Resurfacing

The team at Resurfacing Cairns pride themselves on customer service. We organise a time convenient for you and discuss options in colours and textures for your resurfacing needs. We explain the method in simple terms and make the full process of resurfacing clear with realistic time frames for job completion.

Resurfacing starts with......


The area to be sprayed is assessed and repairs are made to all imperfections including lifting of the laminate, dents, scratches and cuts to ensure a smooth surface for spraying.


The next step is to thoroughly clean the surface free from wax, grease and silicone to achieve maximum adhesion when sprayed. For this we use speciality commercial cleaning agents.


    We use a range of products that are Low in VOC?s (Volatile Organic Compounds). When a product takes 24+ hours to cure, the volatile toxins are in your home and are inhaled by your family. Don't take this risk. The cure time of our products is less than 4 hours with 4H hardness. No other product available can match this. Our products are from Napco Ltd and exclusively supplied by Absolute Resurfacing in Australia. These are the only bathroom and kitchen resurfacing products to receive the approval for the new USA EPA Clean Air Regulations. In addition to our Low VOC products, we use extractor fans to remove the fumes while spraying.


Once we are happy the surface is ready for spraying we turn the room into a custom spray booth safely protecting the rest of the house from any unwanted over-spray and vapours during the process. Extraction fans draw any vapours outside of your home. We then apply a series of coatings including a colour of your choice to produce a new updated modern look or simply a change of colour. For bench tops there are 14 different faux granite colours to choose from and we can colour match or mix any colour for tiled walls, cabinets and cupboards in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

After spraying, the job is not complete. We will not leave you to clean up after us. Detailing can sometimes be completed at the time of spraying, or the next day depending on drying times. All masking around the area will be removed to your rubbish bin. Silicone is applied to edges in wet areas. Accessories are re-installed and the area is left clean and ready for use.

......and ends with you saving $$


You will be impressed by the cost as choosing Resurfacing Cairns can save you up to 70% of the replacement cost. You will save time by resurfacing as small jobs can be completed in as little as 1/2 a day and an entire kitchen in just a few days, making resurfacing the cost effective, convenient choice.



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