Aircon Cleaning Service

Air conditioning units need to be cleaned every 6-12 months in order for them to run efficiently & healthy as they were new.

Eliminate the mould & bacteria from spreading through your home as well as saving on running costs with our professional air conditioning cleaning service!

Cleaning the filters of your air conditioner alone is not enough to remove unsighted residual dust & fungal contamination deposited inside the components of the split system unit. The access to the internal airflow area of the unit is difficult & can be a hassle. It can possibly damage the unit's electronic circuit if not handled carefully.

Professional cleaning is essential!

Air con cleaning

Our experienced technicians know how to do the job to ensure all internal components are washed & cleaned thoroughly with great care.

How we clean it?

Step1: Area preparation - Cover the area with plastic sheets to make sure the cleaning area is well protected from splashing. Place the wash bag under the unit to catch the solution residue and water during cleaning. Isolate the power to the unit or protect the electrical circuitry of the air conditioner with a plastic sheet where required.

Step 2: Disassemble - Remove the the front cover of the air conditioning unit & remove the filters. Wash the filters & front cover grill.

Step 3: Pre-cleaning - Remove the excess dust and debris on the surface of the coil and fins to prevent loose contaminants clogging during cleaning.

Step 4: Cleaning - Apply the specially formulated cleaning solution over the coil, fins, barrel fan & fan casing, leaving the solution to dissolve & dislodge all bio slime inside components for a few minutes. Clean & flush the drip tray to remove any dirt & other contaminants that could become a nutrition source for the mould, fungi & bacteria. Clean & flush the drainpipe to avoid any blockage caused by accumulated contamination. Rinse the whole unit thoroughly with a pressure spray to remove the contaminates leaving the coils & fins clean & free from any debris.

Step 5: Restoration - Spray a sanitizer to help reduce the growth of bacteria in the future then reassemble the unit & test the performance.

Step 6: Clean up so there is no mess left behind for the owner.

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